Friday, February 29, 2008


Sedan or Saloon is a type of body of a typical passenger car.  A three-volume where the trunk lid does not include the rear glass, so that it is fixed and the trunk is separated from the cab.
The boot extends horizontally from the bottom of the rear glass few tens of centimeters backwards. The number of gates is the side door, almost always two or four.  The two-door sedans are known in some countries as a Coach while other are called Coupé (although in a somewhat erratic).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Is defined as all-terrain a vehicle to engine with some technical solutions that make it suitable for travel more easily in rough terrain, with steep slopes or fund that offers low grip.
The expedients main adoptable by the terrain four or more wheels and applicable to a large extent also in motorcycles, are:

Types of Car Tires

The choice of car tire always has a significant influence on the performance of the car. They must consider many criteria in purchasing, for safe driving in all weather conditions and all road conditions. First, the most important criterion is the proper tire size for cars.

The information necessary for vehicle owners can have fair tires can be found in the vehicle documents (registration certificate part I, registration number). Should take into account the allowable tire width, rim diameter and the height of the tires. If you regard these data, the tires can be mounted without problems.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The van or light commercial vehicle , whose etymology is not certain but it seems to come from the German language as a contraction of Fahrwagen that machine transport , is classified as a truck cab built into the body, ie the transport specific for the transport of goods.

Ford Van - Tourneo Custom

The van is a classic cabin and closed with a gross vehicle weight of less than 3,500 kg, making it conductive, in almost every part of the world, with the same certificate to drive necessary to conduct the cars . According to our rules of the road with the license type B.


The pick-up (also called a caisson ) is a vehicle motor part of the category of trucks , and approved as such. Its main feature is the presence of a body, ideally instead of the boot (though the body is separate and not accessible from the cabin with seats).
Classic pickups are made of a wire frame with it separately mounted a cab / cab and cargo area / platform (English cargo bed or cargo box ) with a rigid rear axle and leaf springs.  Pickups often share basic chassis with a SUV (example: Nissan Navara - Nissan Pathfinder ). Some models purely off-road , such as Land Rover and Nissan Patrol , also have a pick-up version.


A convertible (also called convertible or cabriolet ) is a type of body of car homeless or whose roof can either be removed or folded and stowed in the trunk. This roof, hood called, can be vinyl , fabric , plastic or metal , is often referred to popularly cabrio and sometimes mistakenly called coupé due to marketing that took place when automakers began to gather names coupé-cabriolet to refer to convertible with a metal roof formed.
Virtually all convertible with two side doors, because larger openings cause structural problems in the chassis.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


SUVs are cars for driving on difficult terrain away from paved roads . In the early years of the automobile, paved roads were rare, so that all vehicles had to have a high ground clearance. The first special SUVs were the half-tracks from the 1920 years of André Citroën .
Today SUV mainly by armed forces, hunters, in the land and forestry and in off-road motor sport requires, and in wetlands, their transport infrastructure is poor. Since the 1990s, Sports Utility Vehicle used increasingly as a lifestyle product and can be used instead of cars on paved roads. This fad is for environmental reasons and because of the increased risk of accidents in the criticism .

Thursday, February 14, 2008


A minivan or monospace is a type of car that has the highest seats in a passenger car, and the compartment engine, passenger and trunk are integrated into a single unit, to maximize space optimally. Distinguished by a greater height tourism, and that the hood and the windshield are practically parallel, unlike the terrain vehicles. MPV buyers tend to be families, who need to use many places and often charge many objects, or simply wanting a spacious vehicle.
Implantation engine
The myth that the engine of a minivan is part of the cell area is false insofar as the engine, even if the cover does not slip with the windshield, is in most cases separated from the passenger compartment, as is, for example, the mid-engine rear-number of sports cars. In addition, there are examples of minivans with engines quite varied locations as the Toyota Previa engine which featured a flat under the floor between the two axles.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tips on Used Cars

Whether you're a buyer or seller of a used car, These tips will surely educate and delight on how to make all things clear.

Rule number 1: Avoid pressure - Don't let the buyer or seller to force into a quick sale if you are not ready. Maybe there is a catch who after a moment you'll realize. And normally in sales transaction pressure means you are being taken advantage.


The family, also called wagon (in English wagon or summer and in French familiale or break ), is a type of bodywork d ' car , usually derived from a corresponding model sedan, from which resumes the front center of the vehicle body, while the rear part is longer and increased in volume, by joining the trunk with the passenger compartment, so as to create more space available for loading luggage, freight or other.

Particular is the use of that car manufacturers have made the trade name of these versions. Many brands have sought to distinguish itself by adopting a particular name for their cars with bodywork family. Together with the first name Giardinetta of Viotti (later re-used by Alfa Romeo between the seventies and eighties), we note the general use by manufacturers of the French term Break (now little used), then Giardiniera, Panorama , Weekend and Multiwagon ( used gradually over time & Wagon ( Ford ), Compact Wagon ( Subaru ), Cross Wagon ( Hyundai ). Several of these are still ( March 2011 ) in use, while others have had it very short.


Coupe (from the French couper, "to cut") is a type of body of car two or three volumes and two side doors. A coupe is called fastback or saloon ( notch-back ), according to the angle of the rear window and trunk lid engine. The coupes, along with convertibles , form the group of sports cars .

TT RS Audi Coupe

The term coupe has wider use or reduced according to the brands, models and fashions, as well, some models with bodywork sedan or two-door hatchback three-door coupe advertised as. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a coupe and a two-door sedan. Normally brands tend to identify as a coupe with sporty models.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Hatchback is a term describing a design vehicle consisting of a passenger cabin or area with a cargo space (trunk) built, which is accessed through a tailgate. This includes glass rear door and the rear overhang is relatively short. The rear hatch door is considered more, so that the hatchback with two side doors are called "three doors" and models with four side doors are "Five doors". They are also known as two-volume cars or with rear hatch.
Differences with other bodies
The difference between a hatchback body and a family is that the latter has a longer rear overhang, and therefore a more spacious boot. Many car models have both body styles available, so the difference is only a few tens of centimeters and changes in appearance of original design. Relatives are often very vertical rear glass, while a hatchback can have too vertical or steeper.

Monday, February 4, 2008


As Roadster was originally an open body shape a two-seater sports car called that did not have a permanent roof or folding soft top, but could be closed if need with simple tools. Roadster used primarily for driving pleasure, comfort takes to achieve a low weight in the background.
The term was coined by British manufacturers such as Triumph , Jaguar or MG coined. Italian manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ferrari designate this type of construction often than Spider.

Hybrid Cars

A hybrid vehicle, more properly vehicle propulsion hybrid, a vehicle is equipped with two systems of propulsion, for example electric motor with heat engine, the mated more widespread. Some define it as the hybrid vehicle also thermal flex ( petrol / LPG, petrol / CNG, diesel / kerosene, petrol / hydrogen ).

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2013

This technology is very similar to that used in locomotives diesel-electric. In this type the heat engine is not connected to the wheels, it has the task of generating the current to power the electric motor that turns in motion, while the superfluous energy is used to recharge the batteries.