The pick-up (also called a caisson ) is a vehicle motor part of the category of trucks , and approved as such. Its main feature is the presence of a body, ideally instead of the boot (though the body is separate and not accessible from the cabin with seats).

Chevrolet Silverado
Classic pickups are made of a wire frame with it separately mounted a cab / cab and cargo area / platform (English cargo bed or cargo box ) with a rigid rear axle and leaf springs.  Pickups often share basic chassis with a SUV (example: Nissan Navara РNissan Pathfinder ). Some models purely off-road , such as Land Rover and Nissan Patrol , also have a pick-up version.

Dodge Ram Long-Hauler

There are also pick-up derived sedans . Small pick-up, such as Chevrolet Montana (derived from the Opel Corsa ) or Fiat Strada (derived from the Fiat Palio ), and are very popular in South America . Pick-up derived from large sedans like the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon are also very popular in Australia and the Baja model for North America derived from the Subaru Outback platform.

Usually the pick-up are available in three versions: single cab, extended-cab and crew cab. The first has a cabin with only two seats (the driver’s seat and a passenger seat) and provides a container large enough, then focusing on the part dedicated to the transport of goods , while the second has two simple folding seats behind the front seats, and is a cross between the single cabin and double cabin, which is the version that focuses more on transport of persons, and has a sleeper cab with 4 doors and 4/5 seats. abnormal These vehicles were so popular in the States States of America and in Thailand , where the pick-up motor vehicles are best selling. In North America, a possible reason for this success, approximately 1,600,000 units sold in the first 10 months of 2005 , various brands including Ford , Chevrolet and Dodge, it may be that
Americans are used to move about every three years. The real reason, however, is that the two countries have protectionist policies, especially in the U.S., in favor of the pick-up of local producers [citation needed]. .

In Europe, the success of the “boxed” has always been much smaller, although here they begin to see a number. Among those sold in Europe have included the Ford Ranger , the Nissan Navara, the Mazda BT-50 , the Mitsubishi L200 and Toyota Hilux. These models are linked by a drive diesel with 2.5 liters of displacement, along with rear-wheel drive and fully inserted. In addition, the FIAT produces and sells in many countries of the world a pick-up single cab compact, the Fiat Strada, which combines a relatively small load capacity in the container only slightly less than that of a traditional flat bed.


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