As Roadster was originally an open body shape a two-seater sports car called that did not have a permanent roof or folding soft top, but could be closed if need with simple tools. Roadster used primarily for driving pleasure, comfort takes to achieve a low weight in the background.

TTS Audi Roadster
The term was coined by British manufacturers such as Triumph , Jaguar or MG coined. Italian manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ferrari designate this type of construction often than Spider.

TT RS Audi Roadster

Modern Roadster
With the Mazda MX-5 1989 began a renaissance of open two-seater. 1995 BMW launched its Z3 , and 1996 rose Mercedes-Benz with the SLK (R 170) in the roadster market. In 2004, the successor, the SLK (R 171). Today, the term is also used for sports roadster, but still comfortable, open two-seater vehicles with autonomous body. Nevertheless, not every convertible automatically becomes the Roadster – the latter must still can show some attributes in order to be classified as such can:

Z4 BMW Roadster

  • independent design and development, that is not modified version of an existing model,
  • pure two-seater, no “jump seats”
  • retractable or removable soft top, when open, only the A-pillar , the seats and any existing rollover protection project over the shoulder line. Often be active rollover protection systems used.


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