The van or light commercial vehicle , whose etymology is not certain but it seems to come from the German language as a contraction of Fahrwagen that machine transport , is classified as a truck cab built into the body, ie the transport specific for the transport of goods.

Ford Van – Tourneo Custom

The van is a classic cabin and closed with a gross vehicle weight of less than 3,500 kg, making it conductive, in almost every part of the world, with the same certificate to drive necessary to conduct the cars . According to our rules of the road with the license type B.

Unlike Van , which are simple transformations of cars as standard to transport goods with a few exterior modifications, the vans are specially designed for the use to which they are intended, taking a small part of the automotive components. Only recently has occurred in the case of designs for frames in common between these means and the most modern minivan , such as those of the joint venture between PSA and Fiat.

Ford Van Transit Connect Electric

To be considerable for all purposes as a means for the carriage of goods and having its processing tax , the vehicle must be clearly separated from the interior cargo space. Being with a gross vehicle weight reduced not subject to the rules in force for heavy goods vehicles, or with regard to the installation of tachographs , or with regard to the limits of speed that are similar to those of passenger cars.

The conformation provides for the presence of only two axes with the rear provided with wheels single or twin; the load compartment provides a large rear opening, which in the latest engineering designs is with double doors while in the past it was not rare to encounter a hinging of the hatch at the top of the vehicle, and a side door in most cases with sliding opening. The measurements of the openings, and the dimensions of wheel arches are designed to allow an easy loading and unloading of goods loaded on pallets.

Even the internal height of the cargo has been increasingly increased and nowadays also versions “base” of the vans have a vertical height above average human. One of the first light commercial vehicles in the closed version allowed an easy access to personnel against him was the Fiat 242 . For the transport of bulky goods, each van is usually put on sale also a version defined in “raised roof”, sometimes in combination with a longer wheelbase, which allows to reach considerable cub-age of votes for the load.

The car manufacturers usually provide also the only frame completed only by the cockpit while the preparation of the specific load configurations are left to specialized bodies. It can thus prepare countless types of customization, the configuration of half with ribs, to that with an open bed, the refrigerator van or the car transporter.

Frames are also made by the same means even more specific such as ambulances and vehicles for leisure, known as campers .

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