Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aston Martin Vantage V8 2009

A series of improvements are introduced to the V8 Vantage chassis and suspension setup to deliver improved body control and low speed ride quality, enabling the driver to take full advantage of the increased performance potential.
Aston Martin Vantage
The V8 Vantage is now the most successful Aston Martin in our history and we are confident these changes will continue its appeal and driving enjoyment for both new and existing customers.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Scuderia Ferrari F60 2009

The combination of changes naturally led the initial design phase down radically different routes when it came to the side pods and protection components: the apertures have been reduced in size and moved rearward, while the upper and rear elements are larger to aid the exit of air.
Scuderia Ferrari
Accordingly, the maximum permitted engine speed has been reduced to 18,000 rpm and the distance target for each unit is now around 2,500 kilometres. Furthermore, modifications have been made to the inlet trumpets, the position of the injectors and the configuration of the exhausts.
The design also takes into account two other significant changes in the 2009 regulations: the possibility of using a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) and the reintroduction of  "slick tyres".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Innotech Chevrolet Corvette C6 2009

Innotech Corvette features a new front and rear fascia which set it appart from competition. Combined with new INNOTECH rear window side louvres, the styling of the car stands out of the crowd.
Chevrolet Corvette C6
The car stands on HRE or Forgeline forged aluminum 9×19”wheels at the front and 12×20” at the rear and optional Dymag carbon-magnesium wheels.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Superformance Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe 2009

The exteriors feature the muscular body structure with tinted front and windows on the side and rear. The interiors are finished in Alcantara leather and it consists of black leather seats, electronic gauges, immobilizer system, TFE air conditioning system and remote door locks.
Superformance Shelby
The equally authentic interior is something of a culture shock. It’s perfectly habitable – it has air-conditioning, electric windows and a potent stereo – and the toggle switches have undoubted period charm.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept 2009

The car is a four-seat international tourer, an avant-garde luxury car that draws inspiration from the brand’s illustrious past as well as the visual language of speedboat design, the spacious individualist environment of the upper class cabin and the bespoke feel of contemporary modern furniture. Inside, the four generous seats are divided into two zones, front and rear. The result is a relaxed, rich environment that envelops you in warm, tactile materials.
Aston Martin Lagonda
Viewed from the front of the concept, the deep, strong grille also evokes the presence and frontage of the cars from the inter-war era. The bold character lines that run along the sculpted flanks to the rear ensure the concept is planted firmly on the road. The large 220 wheels and cut-away bodywork offer exceptional ground clearance, while the concept’s V12 engine delivers power through all four wheels.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ZR1 Chevrolet Corvette Hero Edition 2009

The Hero Edition serial number1 is the only Corvette ZR1 produced with red accents, special graphics, and additional carbon fiber components. Under the hood, the now-famous blue cowl covering the Eaton supercharged 638-horsepower LS9 V8 engine has been replaced with a one of a kind red version that can be seen through the hood’s polycarbonate window.
Chevrolet Corvette
The Corvette ZR1 “Hero Edition” was specially built by General Motors to honor the Kids Wish Network’s “Hero of the Month”, a child that has faced and overcome traumatic and life-changing circumstances with courage and spirit.