Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva 2009

Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva 2009

The car has sportier appearance than the standard version which significantly comes from suspension that is 30mm lower than the standard version of Captiva. Completely exterior styling options include a chrome front bumper guard, side running boards, chrome door handles, a roof spoiler, and 20-inch wheels with an Evo-Star design.
Irmscher Chevrolet Captiva
Irmscher skilfully integrates its sporty accessories into the functional design of this four-wheel drive vehicle. As well as being able to purchase the Irmscher products at any Chevrolet dealership, customers can also place orders for incorporation of their requirements directly at the Irmscher site.

The new high-performance sports car from BMW M GmbH is prepared and waiting to take over stick posture. Actually, with its superior power, appearance and vitality, it certifies truly rare sheer driving pleasure of the highest caliber.
bmw 2009
Together with the breaks right next to the power dome given space for additional air intake openings, this special design feature obviously hints to the supreme potential of the eight-cylinder power unit within the engine compartment.

The 427 is built with plenty of racing bits inside. Hardware highlights include a 10.5 quart dry-sump oiling system, high-lift cam, aluminum flat-top pistons, high compression, ported aluminum cylinder heads, titanium connecting rods and intake valves and hydroformed exhaust headers.
Corvette Z06 2009
The shifter has a short throw, and the gearing is well suited to the motor’s massive range. There is a comfortable excess of power available at any time in the first four gears.

The car shares all performance characteristics of other Veyron model’s performances, acceleration and deceleration characteristics, which have been highly praised ever since the Bugatti Veyron first appeared on the scene.
Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire 2009
The roof-trim-stripes and the exterior rearview mirrors are of polished, anodised aluminium. A special wheel design has been added – enhanced by a bright red brake-capillar. The grills at the front and at the side air intakes are in mirror shine.

The exterior kit will be available on models equipped with the 1.4 TSI engine, and 150, respectively, 180 horsepower. In addition to aerodynamic accessories, this package stands Bocanegra and wheels 17, but also two special colors for the body.
Seat Ibiza 2009
Ibiza Bocanegra bring a new XDS traction control system, which simulates the function of a limited slip differential. Bocanegra’s exclusive features of the longer part and a panoramic glass roof and smoked glass rear window. Records and the steering wheel three-spoke parent is therefore a “B” as a signature, sports seats adopt a specific saddle and pedal goes to aluminum.

The 2009 335d is a sedan of the newest samples of diesel automobiles that indicate almost how functional low-end torque can be. The 335d is the company’s first diesel model to hit North American shores in more than two decades, and can produce full torque at only 1,750 rpm.
bmw 2009
As engine speed rises, the second, larger turbocharger cuts in, developing maximum torque of 425 lb-ft at just 1,750 rpm. Interaction of the two turbochargers is controlled by the particularly efficient, high-performance electronic engine control unit.

The manual of the car will be defined in line with the BMW 120d programmed, which means it comes standard with Dynamic Stability Control, rear Park Distance Control, 17-inch light alloy wheel’s shod with run flat safety tyres, sport leather steering wheel with multifunction buttons, cruise control, automatic climate control, and Sport seats.
bmw 2009
It might seem as good as to mechanical voodoo, but the smooth, confident power delivery and impressively low figures of the 120d’s fuel consumption figures prove otherwise.

The Q5 first model traded in the United states ready for use with MMI Navigation plus. The gasoline power train crossover vehicles in fuel of economy.

Audi Q5 US Version
According to the U.S. EPA, the Audi Q5 achieves 18 mpg city mileage and 20 mpg combined – both tops in the category – along with 23 mpg highway mileage.

The 2009 sedan Caprice available with a 6.0 litre V8 engine on all models, which delivers 360 hp at 5,700 rpm and peak torque of 530 Nm @ 4400 rpm. GM’s state-of-the-art electronic stability control (ESP) now comes standard on the LTZ V6 variant, while Bluetooth connection for mobile phones is featured on all models from the LTZ upwards.
Chevrolet Caprice 2009
Providing a smooth launch feel, the transmission has benefited from extensive calibration work by Chevrolet engineers to balance performance with customer expectations and model requirements. A direct input speed sensor is also there to improve shift feel and smoothness. The other trims are mated to a four speed automatic transmission.

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