Nissan Pivo 3 Concept

Nissan Pivo 3 Concept

The Tokyo Motor Show has always been characterized by visionary concepts exposed, especially Japanese brands themselves. With the Nissan Pivo concept 3 (the third in the series Pivo), the Japanese reveals very specific details about his vision of the future electric city car .
Nissan Pivo 3 Concept 2011 pictures
The term “Automated Valet Parking” includes the intercom of the car with the infrastructure and its use to eliminate the need to park the car physically. In parking properly equipped, we could leave our Pivo on the entrance ramp and let in, find a site and park itself , to come to us later to be called through our SmartPhone.
This compact concept vehicle of three squares , whose production is not ruled out for a few years, including many innovative ideas that are worth shelling.
Nissan Pivo 3 Concept 2011 photos

Car engines are integrated into the wheels, a concept already discussed in Tecmovia . This location makes it easy to spin the wheel with sharp angles to facilitate a turning circle of only 4m . This would allow us to turn around on almost any street.

Nissan Pivo 3 Concept 2011 images

A curious technicality, and intended effect of the 4-wheel steering, rear circulating is that exactly the same site you have passed the front, as if by a route circulate . This means that if we are maneuvering in a parking lot and the front wheels have surpassed any obstacle (a column, for example) can continue without fear of scratching the side of the car because it is impossible, the Pivo surround the column required in the wake of the train front .
Nissan Pivo 3 Concept 2011

Cable controls allow the removal of the steering column and any mechanical link from the pedals . In principle, this frees up space and add versatility to the location of these controls, while reducing complexity and mass displaced .
The second derivative of cable controls and especially the direction is that by removing the physical connection with the elements that it controls, can simulate any steering feel as do consoles. We could even change the steering feel of a car at will, adapting to each driver.

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