Hyundai Veloster Rally Car 2011

Hyundai Veloster Rally Car 2011

The model was stripped of many things, it increase the structural rigidity, has many body panels in carbon and Kevlar (side panels, front and rear), rear spoiler increases downforce, the front brakes are 14 inches and the rears are 12 inches with six-piston Alcon, Sparco seats and harnesses, and racing tires Hankook 245 / 40.
Hyundai Veloster Rally

The Hyundai engine of this model is 2-liter turbocharged with a new Turbo (HKS), with 500 hp and 600 lb / ft of torque. The transmission is a six-speed sequential Xtrac. The AWD system is Xtrac, the Proflex suspension, and is built with other materials, reducing weight by 75%. It weighs 2,656 pounds.

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 The interior of the RMR Red Bull Rally Car Hyundai Veloster is unrecognizable from its origins as a well equipped sports coupe designed with everyday driving in mind. All elements of comfort and convenience are removed to make way for a custom cage made ​​up of eight points and a firewall which reinforce the rigidity of the chassis and Veloster. Brake and B pillars also tie into the strength of the body.Hyundai Veloster Rally Car images
 The safety cage is required for rallying and a Sparco racing seat further protects the driver in the cab reviewed. SUSPENSION The RMR Red Bull Hyundai Veloster rally car uses a custom suspension with a lot of travel for jumps rallycross cars have to do.

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Wheels, tires and brakes to ensure that the largest power plant translates all the way to track performance, RMR added to the measured 18-inch HRE wheels and tires 245/40-18 Hankook Racing. Stopping power comes from disc brakes 14-inch and six piston calipers Alcon Alcon. The total carbon / Kevlar body is wrapped in a combination of blue paint scheme, white and orange.
Hyundai Veloster Rally Car
 Five drivers of the line to start at the same time, pilot of 500 horsepower four-wheel drive compact cars through traffic race over a challenging course that features short jumps, unbanked turns, dirt and pavement. Each car must also have a “Joker” back at some point in their heat.

Hyundai Veloster Rally Car 2011 Review

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