Chrysler Ypsilon 2012

Chrysler Ypsilon 2012

The new Chrysler Ypsilon is a mixture of market leader in style, technology, attractive design and world-class engines. All this is incorporated in a vehicle 3.8 million 5dr long which is shorter than most of their opponents.
Chrysler Ypsilon pictures 2012
 It is a high-end model in the body of a small car, original, full of character and orientation drivers who appreciate the quality, elegance and innovation in equal measure. This marks a resurgence of Chrysler Group LLC, formed in 2009 as a strategic alliance with Fiat.

Chrysler’s portfolio contains some of Europe’s most recognizable vehicles, including the striking 300C saloon and best-selling Grand Voyager minivan. Now, with the help of Fiat’s experience and knowledge in the areas of small and medium cars, Chrysler can give compact models, more environmentally friendly with the character traits of their luxury cars bigger.
Chrysler Ypsilon 2012
The Chrysler Ypsilon was designed to compete in the supermini sector, more and more popular. To do this successfully it must appeal to a wide range of buyers, down-meters in search of a small economy car but comfortable, for those looking for a more luxurious model that is still affordable to buy and run. With a five-door body that looks like a sporty three-door, thanks to hidden rear door handles, the Ypsilon combines practicality with good looks.
Chrysler Ypsilon photos 2012
Chrysler Ypsilon engine range is completed by a vigorous 1.2-liter gasoline and a powerful 1.3-liter turbo diesel, all of which come with Start & Stop, and the promise of improved refinement combined with reduced consumption and emissions .
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To give owners even more options Ypsilon will be three trim levels at launch: S, SE and Limited. But there are a variety of options in an almost unlimited number of combinations, allowing drivers to give your car the personal touch. There are 16 elegant paint schemes of which four are of two colors, five different upholstery trims and three types of alloy wheels.
Chrysler Ypsilon cars 2012
The Chrysler Ypsilon is the height, and therefore, its generous headroom, disguised as two broad curves. The first takes the bonnet line and extends along the waist up to the rear pillar. The second pillar rises to the upper arch to keep the cup. Then drops to follow the outer edge of the window of the tailgate. It is an issue of shares Ypsilon with its big brother, the Delta.

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