Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept 2012

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept 2012

The new Jeep Wrangler Dragon is one of the novelties of the Beijing Auto Show . Created to honor the ‘Year of the Dragon’ Chinese, Dragon Wrangler Concept is the first model of the brand manufactured specifically representative elements and characteristics of Chinese culture. Furthermore, advances the possibility that in future specific issues appear for this market.
Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept 2012
Based on the Wrangler Rubicon , the Jeep Wrangler Dragon is completely black and has numerous gold-colored exterior trim, tone typically associated with the dragon. These details are present in the bottom of the grille, headlamps, the logo (front and rear), engine cover and set of taillights.

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept

The dragon motif is present in the insulating cover in carbon fiber under the hood and on the cover of the spare wheel in gloss black. Also dragon logo appears in the center of the wheels and sides of the vehicle.
Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept 2012 inside

Other unique elements of the Jeep Wrangler Dragon are its unique alloy wheels in five-spoke 18-inch matte black color with accents of gold and bronze glow. Outside details available in black as painted wheel arches, front bumper with gloss black accents and a sticker depicting the dragon that begins on the bonnet and extends along the driver’s side. Other exterior details include the fuel tank cap Mopar and a lighting package that includes LED headlamps, fog lamps, turn signals and rear lights, finished in black.
Jeep Wrangler Dragon 2012
The interior of the Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept is also black with small details in bronze and gold. The seats are upholstered in black leather with stitching and edging bronze and gold, and the sides and headrest are coated with a special leather “Magic Wand” with a metallic effect. In the front of the headrest is laser engraved dragon logo. The side profile of the seats are upholstered in leather worked with gold and bronze, which resembles the texture of the skin of the dragon. Both sides of the doors and the dashboard and steering wheel are also made in shiny black and gold.

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept 2012 Review

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