Ford Explorer Sport 2013

Ford Explorer Sport 2013

While the new 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is part of the concept of “SUV” (Sport-Utility Vehicle for its acronym in English), excess weight, high center of gravity that has made ​​this vehicle segment is excluded from really be considered sports. No one will imagine that a vehicle of this class is to find an excess of fun as you would in a classic sports, however, Ford has decided to use the term “Sport” also by the ability of the engine to be used, which is empowered to do things that no other SUV can.
Ford Explorer Sport 2013
 For those unfamiliar with this vehicle is 2013 Ford Explorer Sport is similar to the conventional model that only has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 365 horsepower and 350 pounds of torque. When you press the throttle with confidence, we realize immediately bears no resemblance to the classic Explorer that has handled more than one, then reaches 80 miles per hour before you notice a delay in the acceleration level.

Although the engine is fairly quiet and smooth at low speeds can hear some noise that reminds us a little of what usually hear in any other SUV. To manage the high torque handle that holds the engine, the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport AWD is also akin to a Ford exclusive system to locate the power where it is needed, thus maximizing traction. Even with all this, it is very likely to accelerate the Explorer Sport 2013 found something to slip even visit it once the transmission shifts to second.

Besides having a fairly powerful engine, the model has governed cushioning, while the steering rack is mounted very seriously. The tires are 20 inches and nine inches wide, which we face the use of extremely wide tires (half inch wider than the standard Explorer). You type electronic power steering is quite precise and weighted, allowing operation at all times be natural and have no shock or vibration on the steering wheel.

Inside the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport we have a level-based equipment and leather steering wheel paddles to all versions. As for the administration of the spaces there is no change on previous models, so the front rows are spacious while the second and third run of seats have less room.

Ford Explorer Sport 2013 Review

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