Smart For-us Concept 2012

Smart For-us Concept 2012

Smart , who has already taken the step towards the way the electric version of the Smart ForTwo working with this engine, plans to take the final leap to the Smart For-Us Concept , a much more attractive, by design, both the public and is a fan of the brand and those who still show reluctance towards small utility.

The Detroit show will be the venue chosen to show the world an electric vehicle sports aesthetic of 3,547 mm long and 1701 mm height. The specifications released to date have an electric motor of 55 kW ( 70 hp ).

The prototype also has two electric bikes that are situated at the back, which will take advantage of the power of the batteries to be charged with two electrical outlets. Until his announcement, the other puts your imagination. Well, that and the images that Smart has been released and you can find in the following gallery.

Its modern design but quite friendly, uses white, yellow and gray that contrast perfectly inside.┬áThis particular prototype Smart shaped miniature pickup is called For-Us, is the German carmaker’s new idea presented in the Detroit 2012.

This all-electric concept with a propeller of 75 horses and 98 lb-ft of torque . According to the Smart For-US can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in a range of five seconds and has a top speed of 130 Km / h . Its lithium ion battery provides 17.6 kW / h, its partial recharge time of 20 to 80% takes place in 3.5 hours, but if you want to 100 percent required eight hours.

Smart For-us Concept 2012 Review
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