Ford Mustang Boss 302 2013

Ford Mustang Boss 302 2013

The new Mustang Boss 302 has some unique features, but its most prominent feature is its new engine. The engine includes model with a power of 450 hp that adding to the overall weight reduction, increased capacities are achieved vehicle.

This is the same engine found in the current Mustang GT, a 5.0 liter V8, but the adjustments have managed to increase the maximum power. Its torque also gets a good figure, standing at 380Nm and surpassing their predecessors in some comfort. Carbon fiber is found in many parts of the body and vehicle structure so that, although not specified speeds and official reactions, we can be sure that the result will be very good and the image they have been giving the latest versions the Ford Mustang, as a large vehicle and elegant but at the same time, slow reactions, will be history.

The heads of the U.S. manufacturer have faith that it will be a great product and sales not only have good results in the United States, but also is a vehicle that can convince the rest of the world, especially in Europe. Germany is developing the new CLA 45 AMG and can be a serious rival to the Mustang.

The Ford Mustang has always convinced most motorsport fans. Generation after generation has been showing new developments going despite always following the same trend.

All improving the mechanical aspects and getting perfect performance to enjoy a vehicle century but following the steps initiated legends 70s by the manufacturer.

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