Honda CR-V 2013

Honda CR-V 2013

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V is on sale from 27,200 euros. According to Honda this is a completely new SUV model although the wheelbase is identical to the previous CR-V. It is available with front-or all-wheel drive, a possibility that in the previous generation was not available.
Honda CR-V 2013
For now, the two-wheel drive option is available only with the petrol engine (155 hp) and with simpler trim levels. Instead, the Diesel (150 hp) has all-wheel drive versions.

Honda CR-V 2013 inside
In September 2013 a new diesel engine will reach 1.6 liter engine and 120 horsepower, also with front-wheel drive is available. The first car to use this engine will be the Civic, also with output of 120 hp.Honda CR-V
The petrol engine 155 hp turbo-without whose trade name is “2.0 i-VTEC” – is less powerful than the Diesel and so you have to use more gear changes to maintain a similar pace. If carried to a high speed, the acceleration has seemed similar to that of diesel. It has a smoother operation, but as the Diesel engine is good in this respect, does not seem to be a reason to choose one or the other. In the end, the decision is an economic issue (authorized consumption difference is between 28 and 36%, depending on version and the price difference between) or tastes.
Honda CR-V 2013 side
All-wheel drive versions can be ordered with a six-speed manual or automatic five, the only front-wheel drive with manual. The manual versions have a system stop-start in arrests and a recommended gear (designed to achieve low fuel consumption).

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