Mazda 6 Wagon 2013

Mazda 6 Wagon 2013

Mazda will present the new version of its Mazda6 Wagon at the Paris Motor Show 2012, along with the sedan model which has already premiered at the Moscow Motor Show just ended.
Mazda 6 Wagon 2013
Even the family uses the same style of the four ports, called “KODO design”, which wants to convey the idea of ​​driving pleasure even at a standstill. Equipped with a curvy front and sides and crossed by slender ribs, the new Mazda 6 is equipped with LED lights and embellished with luxurious chrome details.

Mazda 6 Wagon

The 2013 version of the family of Hiroshima also exploit all the latest SKYACTIV technology innovations, such as the Start / Stop system (called i-stop) and to recover energy during braking i-ELOOP.
Mazda 6 Wagon 2013 inside

However, the new engines will be doing the lion’s share: on the side oil will in fact proposed the new SKYACTIV-D 2.2, Euro6 already approved and available in the same two variants of power (150 and 175 hp) version mounted on the SUV CX- 5. The petrol options will instead be the two-liter SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter 150 hp and 192 hp, which promise consumption of up to 17 km / liter in combined cycle.
Mazda 6 Wagon inside

In terms of safety, the new Japanese wagon brings with systems such as the Smart City Brake Support (in certain conditions, automatically activates the brakes to reduce the risk of an accident), Adaptive Front Lighting System (which directs the light beam in function of the road and traffic) and the device that monitors the blind spots and the back of the car.
Mazda 6 Wagon 2013 images

Although it has not yet been announced on the official list, it is reasonable to assume that the new Mazda6 Wagon may have prices close to the version still on the market.
Mazda6 Wagon 2013

Mazda 6 Wagon 2013

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