Ferrari FXX K 2015

Ferrari FXX K 2015

Ferrari continues the tradition of creating a super radical most powerful sales version of its sporty and add the double name “X”. The first was based FXX Enzo Ferrari turn I followed the 599 XX (based on the 599 GTO), following the natural order it is up to LaFerrari have double version “X”.

With the FXX K, this sports scene presented at the Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) during the “Finali Mondiali” Ferrari. This model like its predecessors “XX” is something special prototype, developed for very special customers. And the FXX K is a “car-lab”. A car is a car that laboratory without being intended use in competition, has been developed without any compromise, where the “pilot-clients” with this car involved in a development program that will last two years.

Its based on the aforementioned LaFerrari design features a line that one aspect fighter jet, the FXX K is 194 mm longer and 59 mm wider than the LaFerrari, but shares the same battle (2,650 mm) and the same height (1,115 mm). The front features a redesigned spoiler and two splitters getting lower the nose of the car 30 mm from the model on which it is based. The back has also been almost completely redesigned. The new diffuser completely changes the aesthetics and downforce, which along with its two wings (one active) achieve downforce 50% higher than getting LaFerrari; reaching 540 kg of force at a speed of 200 km / h.

In its mechanical section the FXX K has a whopping figure of 1,050 hp and 900 Nm of torque, a disproportionate power that will need some pretty skilled hands to properly control the power delivered this hybrid. And is that the combustion engine is the well-known 6,262 cc V12 with no hydraulic mechanical distribution entraga 860 horsepower, to which we add the qe delivering 190 hp electric motor. The gearbox for the FXX K be dual-clutch 7-speed, and has an unladen weight of 1,345 kg.

The question of who does the letter “K” in its name is very simple, refers to the KERS system including. For concreteness Ferrari called it as HY-KERS system and has four different operating modes (Qualify, Long Run, Manual Boost and Fast Charge) adapts the performance of the car and feel differently. The FXX K among other mechanical elements includes magneteorol√≥gicos dampers, control F1-Trac traction and E-Diff electronic differential.

Ferrari FXX K 2015 Video
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