Monday, November 21, 2016

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive 2017

In March 2017 will start selling smart the fortwo electric drive, the electric version of the smart fortwo. With the coupé body has an approved autonomy of 160 km and with the convertible 155 km. It will replace the model with the same name that was on sale from mid-2012 to early 2016.

The electric motor gives 82 hp maximum power (7 more than the previous model) and allows the fortwo to accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds (0.3 s more in the convertible version) and reach 130 km / h Of maximum speed (electronically limited). The battery is located under the seats, is lithium-ion and has 17.6 kWh capacity, the same as its predecessor. On these and other aspects there is more data in the section of technical information.

They tested the smart fortwo coupe electric drive 2017 in the streets of Miami, United States. The operation of the propulsion system is much more pleasant than that of any other smart with combustion engine. There are no vibrations, the electric motor noise is very low, negligible compared to any of the gasoline engines of the smart, and its response to the accelerator is immediate. In addition, having a transmission with a single ratio, there is no change in gear changes (such as a manual shift), or delayed transmission response when treading (as in a conventional automatic transmission).

As in gasoline versions, the electric motor is placed under the floor of the trunk. However, unlike these, the floor is hardly heated because the electric motor gives off less heat. The volume of the cargo space does not vary, it is 190 liters.

The disadvantages of the smart electric drive with respect to the other versions with combustion engine are, in addition to the higher cost of acquisition indicated above, the habitual ones of the electric vehicles at present: the autonomy and the facility to accede to a position of recharge Of batteries. The severity of these drawbacks will be greater or less depending on the particular situation of each user.

In their travels through Miami, mainly through the streets of the city, the average consumption has varied between 15 and 16 kWh / 100 km, according to the travel computer. The driving has been agile in most of the routes, with punctual deep accelerations. They were two people in the vehicle, with hardly any cargo in the trunk (a couple of backpacks) and with the air conditioner connected sometimes and in others not (in the latter case we circulated with the windows lowered). When they have a test unit for this vehicle, they will publish more rigorous information about its energy consumption.

Next to the shift lever is a button with which the driver can select a driving mode called ECO, intended to reduce consumption. When activated, the maximum speed at which the vehicle can move is reduced and the engine reacts more slowly to the movements made on the accelerator pedal. In addition, the retention level (of the five possible) is at the maximum.

According smart, a battery charge from 0 to 80% requires between 6.0 and 6.5 hours in a household outlet or 45 minutes in a wallbox (a wall outlet that requires no installation; image ). It is possible to program and consult the process of charging the battery from a application for mobile phones called 'smart control App'.
There are no significant changes of appearance that distinguish this version of any other of the range fortwo, beyond the inscriptions "electric drive" distributed by the body. Optionally you can order the "Electric Drive Design" package, in which a green paint is included for safety cell and the exterior mirror housings (as shown in the image gallery ).

There are no relevant changes in the passenger compartment. The biggest difference is that the multimedia system and the dashboard display include specific menus in which you can see the battery charge, remaining range and power flow. Another difference is that the indicator is attached to the left front pillar, instead of having a counter and a clock, has a meter amount of energy used and another that shows the percentage of battery charge, prints inside the smart fortwo are perfectly applicable to smart fortwo electric drive.

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